Small Protea Flower bouquet

Oh, Maui. White sand caressed by turqoise sea; swaying palm trees; the gentle sound of Hawaiian music..

  But these images are only a part of Maui's story. Sitting high to the west, far above such festivities, is a peaceful, green place few tourists get to visit. Above the cane fields but below the crater of Haleakala volcano lies "Upcountry Maui".

Looking down from up here, the island and the sea are even more spectacular. Upcountry's rain, light, cool winds and rich soil create the perfect home for one of the world's most exotic flowers: the legendary Protea.


Tip: Put a tablespoon of bleach in the vase to keep the water clean, or put a couple of pennys in the vase, the metals discourage bacteria growth.



58 Wahelani St.

Kula, HI 96790

UpCountry Protea farm ships organic tropical protea flowers for special Maui Hawaii gifts



58 Wahelani St. in Kula HI is in litigation and has a CLOUDED title




We have closed due to

Blue Mountain Homes, LLC

AKA Blue Mountain Realty, LLC

AKA Blue Mountain Mortgage, LLC.

Bank of New York Mellon

Bank of America


Blue Mountain is knowingly perpetuating the fraud that began with the lenders security backed mortgages.
Everything about these companies is suspect, yet they are using the courts to steal land & homes that are still in litigation.

Please read their Yelp reviews below

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Petaluma, CA

1.0 star rating 8/24/2013
Listed in Blue Pile
This company has ripped me and my family off and this is a real review. So yelp needs to stop filtering all the one star reviews from real people!!!!!!!!!. DON'T buy a house from this company at all costs!!!!!!. Their sister company Blue Mountain Air Inc. also is super shady and is going to be seeing me in superior court here pretty soon. Message me if you want a free electrical inspection before you buy any property through this place.

Britton M.
Britton M.
Rancho Cordova, CA

1.0 star rating 8/5/2013
Bottom line - buyers beware.

Blue Mountain flipped our house, and the contractors they used (mostly their own through the plumbing company, air conditioning company and painters/drywallers) did a pretty terrible job "updating" the house.

The workmanship is horrible, the attention to detail was zero, and the outcome was mediocre at best. My husband and I are finding things all over the place that were done incorrectly, or dangerously, or just downright lazily. Wiring of light fixtures was jerry rigged or done poorly.

The contractors installed our master shower incorrectly, so on day 5 of living in the house, it started leaking through the ceiling in the kitchen!

They painted around or over light fixtures, got paint on the window glass that they didn't take off, forgot to paint part of my bathroom wall, painted wall paint on the ceiling and didn't cover it, smudged paint on the doors, got paint all over the original hardwood floors and didn't clean it up. The guy who painted the baseboards got the enamel all over the walls, after the walls had been painted.

They put crazy lacquer crap all over the cabinets in the three bathrooms and kitchen that then dripped all over the brand new tile (which was the ONLY thing done well in the whole house) and now I can't get it off. They mixed up hot and cold on one of our faucets. I've cut my foot three separate times from either glass shards or carpet tacks in the carpet.

Pretty sure they're operating with illegal or at least unethical conflicts of interest, by forcing you to use their escrow company, plumbing company, air conditioning company, etc throughout the sales process and for any repairs that are under warranty for the house.

I wouldn't recommend using Blue Mountain to buy a house - especially if they flipped it.


Adie R.
Santa Rosa, CA

1.0 star rating 7/21/2014

Updated review
The company did a horrible job flipping our house. The longer we are in it the more short-cuts we find. They claim they didn't work on several items in the house so they didn't have to come fix it under the 30 day warranty, but we even found a receipt with their information attached to the work! We could have pressed to have them fix things but if they couldn't do it right the first time there is nothing to say they would do it right the next. We shelled out a lot to make sure it was done right and now we are finally able to enjoy our house


Paul C.
Napa, CA

2.0 star rating 12/8/2014
I recently purchased a home that Blue Mountain flipped. While I wouldn't say "never buy a home from them", I would say that you need to know what you are getting into. They spend all of their energy working to make the house look pretty for sale, and very little to insure the house is sound. Despite new paint, flooring and cabinetry, the home also had termites, dry rot, drainage issues, and out of code electrical work. Even when addressing these issues, they attempt to do the minimum possible rather than doing the job correctly. This results in several call backs and redoing work ... penny wise and pound foolish. So, if you are looking to purchase a house from Blue Mountain, hire a great home inspector and get everything documented in writing. If you keep their feet to the fire, you can get what you need from them. Just don't be fooled by new appliances and fresh paint into thinking that the the house is "move in ready".


Nicole N.
San Francisco, CA

1.0 star rating 1/14/2014
On Friday I sent an email to listing agent Jill about a few homes we were interested in. Come Tuesday we hadn't gotten any calls back so I called blue mountain directly and still no one, so I left a message. Finally on Tuesday night Kate who is the "assistant" to Jill called and said she'd call back with a time for us to look at the homes. After no return call I was able to get into contact with Lori who seemed super helpful but by this time my red flag ear went up. A house we were really into came on the market and looking at the records it had been bought as a foreclosure in December for 230k but come January, the house was for sale for a whopping 320k. I told my husband there is no way on God green earth that they put 80K in upgrades in that house unless they put a new roof, wiring, granite and wood floors etc. We rode by the house on our own and checked out the house through the windows and I literally almost threw up because the kitchen sink was so nasty and they had slapped some cheap granite on the kitchen counters, put ugly cheap carpeting and repainted, thus this is why they asked for a 90K profit on a house only valued at 280k but they want 320k. This all but confirmed that they flip cheap houses and try to rape people for exaggerated prices. Then the back yard had been half sodded so one side looked great and the other like crap, wtf. Finally I called them back and tracked down someone who told me miraculously that it had a offer on it for full amount, ha yeah right... any fool who buys for more than 300k is a bigger fool than Donald Trump. Im so done with all of blue mountain. We have partnered with a real company and thankfully before we ever signed anything with BM, something told me to check yelp. Steer clear of them and spend the extra money and go to reputable realtors, this place is a wash.

***Make sure to check out the reviews that were removed because they were soooo negative and reported by BM as a fake account, they are just that bad & also notice there is a surge of 5 star reviews that were all removed because they were fake, more than likely they were created by BM to boost their 1 star rating seeing as the reviewers only made 1 review and it was for blue mountain realty***


Joseph V.
Suisun City, CA

4.0 star rating 12/28/2013
My wife and I just bought our first home with Blue Mountain and our experience was a very positive one. They repaired a few little things we didn't even catch on our walk through, and did so without delay or questions. Before we found our Blue Mountain home we almost gave up looking and almost resorted back to being renters. The staff worked extremely hard to make sure we were satisfied and informed throughout the entire process. Their quick service made our experience free which is exactly what we needed.


G. M.
Napa, CA

1.0 star rating 10/17/2012
I purchased a home from them a year and a half ago. They flipped it in less than three weeks. The work they did on this home gives the expression "Slapping a coat of paint on it" a bad name. They painted over the previous owner's disgusting kitchen grime, and they never even opened the drawers before painting around them.

When grout of the new bathroom tiles cracked and I had the tiles pulled, my contractor found a LIVE ELECTRICAL WIRE behind the tiles. This was extremely dangerous. They left construction debris under the house that could have caused (additional) wood rot under the house.

The newly installed windows didn't have bug screens, and they never even got back to me with the name of the manufacturer or the vendor they bought them from, so that I could order new ones. Now a window has cracked WITHOUT TOUCHING IT and I cannot find out who made these to get a warranty repair. No return calls. Ever.

They refused to give me the receipts for the (cheap) appliances they installed so I can activate the warranty.
The newly installed washer piping was done completely incorrect and not to code and I had to have it completely repiped.
When they installed a new sliding patio door they didn't install a header to securely fasten the door in the wall.
I could go on, but let me finish with the fact that they bought the property on March 11 for $235,000.00 and sold it on March 31 for $405,000.00.
Blue Mountain Properties are a bunch of greedy, unprofessional money grubbers.

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